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Why Renewable?

The growing global concerns over depleting fossil fuel reserves, energy security, increased percentage of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere and the critical necessity to neutralize their impact on the economy need to be resolved immediately.

One noble solutions to all these concerns are use of renewable Energy. By using renewable energy sources like solar, wind, Biomass energy, we reduce our dependence on fossil fuel, reduce the GHGs emission reduce adverse impact of climate change and improve our energy security.

Indian power sector is still dominated by fossil fuels based generation. As on 31st August- 2016, gross installed capacity is 335554.25 MW. Contribution of coal based generation in overall generation mix is approximately 60%. Huge power loss in transmission & distribution network and peak demand deficit has been also a persistent problem for Indian power sector.

We at Sologix believe that prudent solutions for decarbonizing the carbon intensive Indian power sector can be done through rapid increase in renewable energy installation and facilitating the renewable power transaction among all five regional grids of the nation.