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Feasibility Study & DPR

A feasibility study tests the viability of an idea, a project or even a new business. The goal of a feasibility study is to place emphasis on potential problems that could occur if a project is pursued and determined. The main components of a feasibility study are below.

Description – a layout of the business, the products and/or services to be offered and how they will be delivered.

Market feasibility – describes the industry, the current and future market potential, competition, sales estimations etc.

Technical feasibility – lays out details on how a good or service will be delivered, which includes transportation, business location, technology needed, materials and labor.

Financial feasibility – a projection of the amount of funding or startup capital needed, what sources of capital can and will be used, and what kind of return can be expected on the investment.

Organizational feasibility – a definition of the corporate and legal structure of the business; this may including information about the founders/promoters,

We do feasibility study and prepare bankable Detailed Project Report (DPR) for wind and solar power projects which include Examination of technological parameters broad technical specification, layouts and flow diagrams and complete project description.