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Green Power Transactions

As per Indian Electricity Act-2003 any consumers having >1MW contract demand is free to procure power from any generators using transmission and distribution infrastructure of state/central utilities. It is often called “Open Access Power Transactions”. Below are the types of open access power transactions

Depending upon duration of Transaction.

Short Term Open Access (STOA): Contracts > 1 month but < 6 months.

Medium Term Open Access (MTOA): Contracts > 3 months but < 3 years.

Long Term Open Access (LTOA): Contracts > 12 years but < 25 years.

Depending upon the energy trading platform.

Collective Transaction :  Electricity can be purchased directly from the two energy exchanges in India. The two energy exchanges are IEX (Indian Energy Exchange) & the PXIL (Power Exchange of India Ltd).

Bilateral Contracts / OTC: In these transactions, Electricity can be directly purchased from specified power generators (CPPs, IPPs) by a specified Buyer. The specific point of injection and point of drawal can be fixed mutually.

We facilitate bilateral/LOTA trading of Green Power in various states and connect wind and solar power generators to HT consumers connected at 11KV and above supply voltage.