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Projects Site Assessment/Survay & Land Acquisition

Proper site selection/assessment is a very important aspect for development of solar PV and wind power projects. Apart from irradiation and wind speed there are many other factors such as Power Evacuation Facility, ROW, Approach road, Temperature, Rain fall which are directly co – related with the generation out- put of the project.

Developer/ Investor should focus on the below pointer and do a deep due diligence to address best functionality of the solar plant for long term.

  • Irradiation and Shadow.

  • Quality of Geographical Conditions of Site

  • Quality of Climatically Conditions of Site

  • Land Conservation and Environmental Impact Issues

  • Quality of Grid & its Proximity

  • Local Regulations & Ownership

  • Local People Involvement

We conduct site assessments/survey and physically verify the prospective land for solar and wind power projects development and apprise investors/developers on issue like right of way (ROW), Power Evacuation facility, Approach road and logistic hitches etc. We also help project developers in suitable site identification and land acquisitions.