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Techno-Financial Analysis

Identifying suitable technology for a particular projects site is one of the most vital part in the project development process of wind & solar power plant. Whole economics of the project depends on the power generation out-put which further depends upon the WTG’s class , PV module technology and closely related to various climatic permanents of the project site such as wind speed, temperature, rain fall etc.

To get the maximum possible energy yield and minimize the losses, WTG/Module/Cell technology and its suitability for a particular site need to be analyzed meticulously. This helps to maximize power generation which further leads to the revenue maximization.

We do comprehensive technical due-diligence and help project developers/Investors to identify best technology available in the market and check its suitability for a particular project site. We also develop and validate project specific “Financial Models” including micro level costing and sensitivity analysis with critical parameters for wind and Solar projects. Financial models gives perfect illustration that at what tariff developers/investors will get their expected return and help higher management to take a prudent decision at pre- bid stage.